CNG Technologies offers 24 hour service work on all CNG vehicles and tanks. Our maintenance and repair is certified and fully insured. Our experts are highly skilled professionals trained to help keep your vehicle running worry free. Contact us today to set up a maintenance plan for your natural gas vehicles.

  • Warranty Work


  • Tube-Pipe Bending Swaglock Certified


  • High-Pressure Fuel Lines


  • Filter & Parts Supplier

  • Dedicated Alternative Fuel System Work



Check With Your Insurance Carrier To Make Sure Your Business Is Following Insurance Inspection Protocols In Case Of An Accident


CNG Technologies offers certified inspections for your CNG fuel system. According to the U.S. DOT (FMVSS ) all CNG containers should be visually inspected after an accident or fire and at least every 36 months or  36,000 miles whichever comes first for damage and deterioration.


We offer many training opportunities from safety & law to maintenance & use for natural gas CNG. Our technician & trainer works with you to design a program that will fit your companies needs.

CNG Technologies classroom and working conversion shop guarantees hands on personal training.


  • National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium – First Responder safety train-the-trainer: Bio-fuels, Gaseous Fuels, Electric Drive and Hydrogen Vehicles

  • CSA Certified CNG Cylinder Inspection

  • CSA CNG Fuel System Inspector (CNG-FSI)

  • Oklahoma City College Versus USA CNG Conversion Program

  • CNG United CNG Installation Technical Training

  • NWTC 40 hours Continuing Education Leadership Development Series



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