Our CNG conversion kits work directly with your vehicles electronic fuel injection system to ensure it runs well and gives you years of trouble free use. Instead of just fogging CNG into the air/fuel system like older technology these systems inject CNG directly into the intake manifold at precise measurements and time so you will not notice the differance between running on CNG or gasoline. CNG conversions make your engine run cleaner than on gas or diesel. A bonus to this fact is when you burn fuel more completely there are less carbons put into the oil. Burning CNG has been found to allow you to extend oil changes because carbon is not being deposited and trapped in your oil & filter. 

Vehicle Pre-Check

Before your vehcile can be converted to run on CNG we perform a free diagnostic check with out computer software and make sure there are no issues with the engine. This will include a print out of any trouble codes that may be stored in your vehicles computer.


We offer a wide variety of CNG fuel tank options to fit you and your vehicles needs. Our tanks are made in the USA and range in size & price. Our CNG installer measures your vehicle and your needs for a perfect fit. All tanks are NEW with a 20 year life and packages include tank valve & mounting brackets.


We can custom build & fit a cover for your tank. This helps hide the tank and keep it safe.


By installing a SELF-FUELING station on your site!

We have partnered with Simpkins Energy who manufactures a high quality, competitively priced CNG fueling station. We can provide a station to fit the needs of a small business to a large fleet. We not only can provide a site plan but will install & service your station. BEST of all, we are able to offer financing!!! Now you can pay for your conversions & fueling station with the savings you receive in immediate fuel costs!!



Installing a CNG conversion kit is not a simple process. essentially you are performing open heart surgery to your vehicles fuel injection system. If not properly trained you could cause serious damage to your vehicle. Not to mention the installation of the fuel tank needs to be done following strict NFPA guidelines. We are certified by the CSA to inspect and perform CNG fuel system installations.